Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy (Basic Intensive Training)

What's In It For Me

By participating in this three-day introductory course, you will obtain a working knowledge of Dr. William Glasser’s ideas and learn how to apply Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and Lead Management to your professional and personal life. At the end of this workshop, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Basic Intensive Training from the William Glasser International. This workshop is the first step in the Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy Certification programme: a process whereby the “The William Glasser International” recognises a person qualified to practice Choice Theory / Reality Therapy. Participants who wish to deepen their understanding and work towards final Certification may proceed on to take the next level, Basic Practicum.

Course Overview

Choice Theory attempts to explain the psychological behaviour of all human beings. It maintains that all we do from birth to death is behave, and that our behaviour is internally motivated and chosen. Specifically, all of our behaviour is our best attempt to satisfy one or more of five basic needs built into our genetic structure: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun. In practice, the most important need is love and belonging, as closeness and connectedness with the people we care is a prerequisite for satisfying all of the needs.

Reality Therapy focuses on the present and helps people to understand that they can choose a better present and future. This is based on Choice Theory that states, regardless of what has occurred in the past, we must live and plan in the present if we want to be happy and effective.

In practice, Reality Therapy advocates the creation of warm and trusting relationships with people. From these relationships, we are usually able to help them evaluate both what they want and the behaviours that they are presently choosing to satisfy their needs.

Who Should Attend

Counsellors, Social Workers, Case or Youth Workers, Psychologists, Therapists, Nurses, Helping Professionals, Managers, Educators and Parents.

Course Duration

Course Dates: 3, 5 & 6 June 2024 (3 days)

Total Training Duration (Hour)

25 hours

Course Outline

1. Establishing the environment conducive to learning and building relationships using lead management principles.

2. Understanding the concepts and skills used in role-play [Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management].

3. Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory Chart [How and Why We Behave].

4. Developing and practicing skills through Role-Play.

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Participants are expected to meet 100% class attendance to be awarded with the Basic Training Certificate by the William Glasser Institute (WGI). 

Course Objectives

1. Achieve basic understanding of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management practices

2. Distinguish the difference between External Control Psychology and Choice Theory Psychology.

3. Establish and maintain healthy relationships by practicing the Seven Habits that bring people closer together.

4. Apply Choice Theory psychology in education, counselling, managing, and relationships.

5. Develop understanding of mental health and happiness.


Practitioners must be willing to learn by doing (experiential work is required), and to contribute to group discussions.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer

Evelyn is a principal counsellor and counselling psychotherapist in private practice. She is also a registered counsellor and registered clinical supervisor of the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), Professional member of the American Counselling Association (ACA), registered Social Service Practitioner with Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW), and a Senior Faculty member of William Glasser International and Singapore.

She provides consulting, counselling, therapy, training, and supervision work with professional helpers in Social Service Agencies (SSAs) / Family Service Centres (FSCs) and Education Institute. With close to two decades of counselling, coaching and therapy experience and her extensive supervision and training experiences, she is also an external lecturer and clinical supervisor with Swinburne University of Technology as well as a clinical supervisor with Monash University, TCA College, College of Allied Educators Pte Ltd and James Cook University.

In her role as SSG Certified Adult Educator with Social Service Institute (SSI), she consulted and developed program, as well as provided training to professional counsellors and social workers in supporting and working with clients facing loss and grief issues. With the Health Promotion Board (HPB), she consulted and developed Peer Support Program for youths in 2011 and had since provided numerous trainings to youth leaders from NTU, SIM, ITE, Polytechnics and several MOE secondary schools. She takes great joy in facilitating others in their process of achieving personal and professional growth.

Funding Information

NCSS member VWOs and MSF-funded VWOs staff and qualified volunteers are able to apply for PCG Funding.

PCG pre-approved funding at 45% per pax for Singaporean/PR staff of Social Service Organisations, end date of approval in Aug 2024.

Additional Notes

Participants who have completed the 3 full days/25 hours of Choice Theory/Reality Therapy (Basic Intensive Training), may proceed to take the Basic Practicum to deepen their understanding in this therapy. Basic Practicum involves the supervised practical applications of Choice Theory/Reality Therapy. The content of practicum will include role-plays, evaluation of actual counselling on audio or videotapes, personal journal, case studies, and self-evaluation entries. Emphasis is placed on role- plays and casework so that the participant gains sufficient experience and feedback in preparation for their attendance at the Advanced Intensive Training. The value of journaling and other self- evaluation tools is stressed.

The course fee for Basic Practicum is $500 (before GST) [5 sessions x 3 hours x once a month].

Course Fee Payable
Original Fee Before GST With GST (9%)
Course Fee $950.00 $1,035.50
Corporate Pricing (Fee payable to Training Provider)
Non-SME Before GST With GST (9%)
NCSS PCG 45% funding (SC/PRs) $522.50 $569.52
SME Before GST With GST (9%)
NCSS PCG 45% funding (SC/PRs) $522.50 $569.52

Early Bird Fee (before GST): S$850 (register & pay by 22 Apr 2024)

Please note that prices are subject to change.
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